Black Hole Initiative

Web Design


Black Hole Initiative, 

Harvard University


Web Design



Art direction by Aline Lin

The Black Hole Initiative is an interdisciplinary center based out of Harvard University focusing on the study of black holes. The site serves as an information center for the fellows at the initiative as well as providing insight to the research performed by the initiative to investors and the public.

Since the Black Hole Initiative includes researchers and fellows from 5 disciplines (Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Philosophy, History of Science), it was important that the design serves all of these disciplines equally. Layers of color, mathematic equations, and interstellar imagery creates the foundation of the site with floating blocks of content utilizing transparency to invoke a sense of vastness and space.

A color coding system was implemented, drawing from the Venn diagram (of sorts) on the homepage to signify which discipline(s) is associated with each piece of content. This was carried out by utilizing small ribbons of color next to names, events, news articles, and research papers.