Maryland Health Care Commission

Annual Report Design and Print Layout


Maryland Health Care Commission


Design and Print Layout



Art direction by Aline Lin

The Maryland Health Care Commission provides an annual report outlining the work they have done, the goals they have set, and their allocation of funding. In years 2020, 2021, and 2022 (2023 forthcoming), I designed this report to better guide the reader through nearly fifty text-heavy pages. 

This ongoing project presents a particular challenge in that a large portion of the content is the same each year, or at least very similar, but the design needs to be unique for each report, supporting the theme for that year. The reports are available as printed books as well as fully accessible PDFs.

2022 Annual Report

Building Today for Tomorrow

In support of the annual theme, I focused on using abstract two dimensional blocks for the design, reminiscent of building blocks and/or steps. The blocks are also designed to feature extended chevron patterns that function as arrows moving forward and upward. Photos are utilized within the design to place focus on the individuals being served by MHCC. The design uses the three primary colors from the MHCC brand (rebranded in 2021) to help solidify their brand in the community.

2021 Annual Report

Moving Forward Together

To support the annual theme of “Moving Forward Together”, abstracted arrows and gradations are used throughout the report to emphasize forward motion and progress. In 2021, MHCC completed a rebrand and the new brand was implemented in this report, using the three primary colors from their new brand. Photography was carefully selected to bring attention to the communities served by MHCC.

2020 Annual Report

Opening Doors

The 2020 annual report focused on health care accessibility for all with a theme of Opening Doors. This design features abstract open door graphics throughout the report to keep the theme ever-present for the reader. The design features the primary colors from the Maryland flag and imagery representing all Marylanders.