New Mexico Courts

Web Design*, Design System, & Style Guide


New Mexico Courts


Web Design*, Design System,

& Style Guide



Art direction by Aline Lin

The New Mexico Courts needed a full overhaul of their existing website, which consists of a main website, multiple subsidiary sites for each district, and an intranet. The primary challenge with this project was designing the sites so that they work together cohesively while maintaining their own identities so that it is clear to the user whether they are on the main website or on their district's website.

*Note: The website is in final stages of development and has not yet launched. Imagery and description of the website will be withheld here until the site is live.

Design System

To support the design process as well as future maintenance and upkeep, I created a full design system outlining all fonts, imagery, icons, components, buttons, colors, and default/hover states.

Style Guide

I created a virtual and interactive style guide which serves to guide the developers as they implement the design as well as the client as they maintain the website and add/edit elements if needed in years to come.