National Library of Medicine 

History of Medicine Division

Web Design


National Library of Medicine,

National Institute of Health


Web Design



Art direction by Aline Lin

The National Library of Medicine (NLM), History of Medicine Division, offers exhibitions from its vast collection of historical materials as a public service. This ongoing project is taking these exhibitions and providing an online home for each of them where the public can browse and learn about the assets on display.

Each exhibition features a unique topic, set of assets, and script, and is paired with a unique design that incorporates elements of the exhibition to facilitate the storytelling of the exhibition. However, this project presents a unique set of challenges as the designs are required to retrofit an existing template and must be implanted only by swapping out images and editing the stylesheet. No HTML, jQuery, or Javascript edits are permitted.

Although each exhibition shares the same HTML, the designs are created to give each exhibition a unique identity that coincides with the subject matter.

As with all government projects, WCAG AA compatibility is required for each site and each site must be fully responsive.